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A guide to slay women on Tinder!

by sfa-adm

Step one (mandatory): Purchase Tinder gold and unsubscribe instantly, ain’t no one got money for that to auto renew. Purchase some boosts too if you really want them crawling!Step two: create profile using your actual name (important later).Step three: Find pictures of some hot male model, preferably one who isn’t super well known. Make sure you can find a casual selfie pic that isn’t an obvious model shot, find one who has some pictures with his dog. For example (Nick Bateman) – Canadian (I’m in US), he’s in a few shit movies no one has seen, plenty of selfies and dog pictures on google, he’s the perfect specimen!Step four: Add in some medical school from a nearby state, add in “Physician” as your job at some even more local medical school or large hospital system. Add some lame bio like “seeking female role model for my pup.”Step five: Watch as your tinder gold matches fly to infinity as every thirsty, shallow and otherwise every damn girl on tinder swipes right on your profile and even super likes you.Step six: Sit back for a minute and really ponder how important rules #1/2 are and then realize that rules #3/4 are being a doctor and having a dog.Step seven: DO NOT SWIPE ON ANYONE!! DON’T MATCH WITH ANY OF YOUR GOLDEN GIRLS!! Wait a couple weeks while the numbers skyrocket,Step eight: Switch all the pictures to ones of you, hopefully you’re at least decent looking, change profile to match who you actually are and keep some witty bio.Step nine: Go through your 1,000 matches and swipe on the ones that you like. They’ll never know they swiped on some “insanely hot doctor” a few weeks ago and as long as you’re somewhat attractive, this is your chance to get some hotties!