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by sfa-adm

I’ve been noticing an odd trend in my own tinder experience lately, I have had a handful of girls that turned out to not be their age on tinder in just the last week. Most recently, a girl I added on snapchat was taking senior pictures.. And rightfully so, I let her know how stupid it is to lie about your age. So, I figured I’d make a thread about being smart on dating apps, because some people are absolutely not.For the girls, you are not cute for being a minor hitting up dudes that are not minors. It’s not cute to like older guys when you’re 15, 16, 17. It’s illegal. Especially if you are lying about your age. Depending on your state, sending dirty pictures is child pornography, dirty talk could be used against you in court as intent, and anything physical can absolutely be statutory rape. For the guy, all of the above will be implications to be labeled a sex offender for life, in the case of child pornography, that’ll be both the girl and guy.Be smart, know your local laws, and for the love of God, if they are not 18, tell them to fuck off. A quick thrill is not worth a lifetime of labels.Be smart out there. Happy swiping!