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I was catfished along with 200 other dudes in NYC last night

by sfa-adm

Shoutout to anyone meeting Natasha in Union Square last night! The bitch got me too, brother.Anyway, back in June I start chatting with this gorgeous girl Natasha. She’s a big instagramer and is trying to do the whole model thing – not uncommon in nyc. Eventually, she tells me she’s extremely busy and asks if she can reconnect in a few weeks. Whatever, seems pretty mature and legit to me so I say fine and totally forget about her….until this past Saturday, when she reaches out and asks if I’d be free to go out last night. A date with a pretty girl? Sure! She said her friend is Dj’ing a free show in Union Square and that she just wants to stop by and say hi, then we could go on our date. No problem, we agree to meet at 6.So I show up at 6 and there’s the DJ. She had texted and said she’d be 15 minutes late (after insisting I be on time (weird)) but I don’t think anything of it. As I’m standing there, I realize that the crowd is almost ALL DUDES. That’s when I thought something was up. I was thinking maybe the DJ catfished everyone into attending his show. I figure whatever, I’ll wait and if she doesn’t show, I’ll bail.Well, I was half right. At about 6:15, Natasha shows up with a full camera crew and makes her way to the stage. That’s when I knew I was fucked. She gets on the mic and addresses the crowd, asking who’s single and saying that she is too. Two other girls get on stage dressed as referees.Obviously, I didn’t stay. I can only assume she was gunna have the guys compete over her as a publicity stunt or whatever. That shit was messed up.TL;DR : a wannabe Instagram model catfished hundreds of dudes (myself included) into meeting her as a publicity stunt. Shit!